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Black Starlight Quartz Mosaics

If you are looking to create a distinctive appearance in your home we highly recommend you choose these sparkly Black Quartz Mosaics. They are an excellent choice for backsplash designs and border arrangements.Premium Black Quartz Mosaics from Buytiles comprise of 48mm x 48mm squares on 300x300mm sheets. The flexibility of these mosaics ensures they can be adjusted for a number of uses and also applied to curved surfaces. If you have a rounded bathtub these mosaics provide the ideal covering. The distinctive black colour and surface covered in mirror pieces is perfect if you are looking for a decorative addition to a bathroom or kitchen interior. This contemporary option has a highly polished finish which is easier to clean and maintain than other surfaces. If you are looking for a timeless feature in your home, these Black Quartz Mosaics from Buytiles are highly recommended. The engineering process involved in the creation of our quartz tiles results in a product which contains an astonishing 97% quartz content. Any use within a high thermal environment, with underfloor heating, in close proximity to a patio door, or in a sunroom or conservatory is at your own risk.

Product Data

Property Details
Colour Black
Appearance Polished, Smooth, Patterned, Border Glitter Gulfstone Jewelstone Mosaic Mosaics Shower Sparkling Sparkly Stardust
Material Quartz
Typical Applications Wall, Floor, Kitchen, Bathroom
Availability In Stock
Underfloor Heating Not Suitable


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Outstanding Savings on Glittery Quartz Mosaic Tiles

Premium Quartz Mosaics at Guaranteed Low Prices
Premium Quartz Mosaics at Guaranteed Low Prices
Tile Size RRP Our Price
300x300 £69.97/m2 £34.99/m2
kitchen bathroom wall floor polished