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Plum Starlight Quartz Mosaics

These distinctive Plum Quartz Mosaics have a sparkly look and are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. This versatile option is well suited to borders and backsplash decors as part of modern designs. They combine superbly with contemporary features in shower areas and above sinks. These mosaic sheets comprise of 30x30mm squares. The unique colour is emphasised by a highly polished finish. Quartz is resin based and any use in a conservatory, sunroom, near patio doors, outside areas, with underfloor heating or within any other high thermal environment is at your own risk. Latex based adhesives should also be avoided.

Product Data

Property Details
Colour Plum, Brown
Appearance Shiney, Smooth, Patterned, Mosaic Mosaics
Material Quartz
Typical Applications Wall, Floor, Kitchen, Bathroom
Availability In Stock
Underfloor Heating Not Suitable


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95 tiles covering 8.837375m2
Our Regular Price£3.29Sheet
Offer Price£2.49Sheet
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Buy Distinctive Plum Quartz Mosaics at a Low Price
Tile Size RRP Our Price
305x305 £29.99 sheet £3.29 sheet
kitchen bathroom wall floor shiney