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Black Starlight Quartz Tiles with Blue Glitter Pieces

Tiles within this section have a look comprising of a distinctive black colour interspersed by reflective blue mirror pieces. These sparkly elements add a trendy appeal which makes them perfect for modern bathrooms and kitchen layouts. You can select from square and rectangular tiles in various sizes which includes 300x300mm, 600x300mm and 600x600mm. This premium collection of wall and floor tiles has not only caught the eye of homeowners looking to transform their interior layout but have also been acquired for commercial renovations. These high quality tiles are engineered with a 97% quartz content through an innovative technological process. Not only do they have a stylish appearance but Black Blue Quartz is also extremely hardwearing and low maintenance. You can take a closer look at Black Blue Quartz Tiles by ordering a sample from Buytiles. Any use of quartz in areas exposed to natural sunlight like conservatories, sunrooms, near patio doors, outdoor areas and also in high thermal environments such as with underfloor heating is entirely at your own risk. Any use of latex based adhesives should be avoided.

Product Data

Property Details
Product Code BTQZCOSBB
Colour Blue, Black, Blue
Appearance Polished, Shiney, Smooth, Plain, Glitter Gulfstone Jewelstone Sparkling Sparkly Stardust, Patterned
Material Quartz
Typical Applications Wall, Floor, Kitchen, Bathroom
Availability In Stock
Underfloor Heating Not Suitable


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Massively Reduced Prices on Sparkly Quartz Tiles

Exceptional Quality and Great Quartz Offers
Exceptional Quality and Great Quartz Offers
Tile Size RRP Our Price
300x600 £69.97/m2 £49.99/m2
300x300 £69.97/m2 £39.99/m2
kitchen bathroom wall floor polished shiney