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30 Bedrooms  You Wish You Had As A Child

30 Bedrooms You Wish You Had As A Child

When you were growing up, you probably dreamt of having your room decorated a certain way – more often than not allowing you to pretend that you were your favourite character, or having a room that represented your favourite film at that time.

Your child’s bedroom is so important – it provides the first living space that they will know, and it should be a place that they can develop and thrive in. As a parent, you will no doubt want to create a room for you child that allows them to do this, as well as learn and play, because, after all, it is not an unknown fact that a child’s surroundings can really have a huge impact on how they will grow and develop.

Although some of the rooms that feature on our lists are better suited to those with a higher budget, it is great to see what can be created in one room. Of course, as well, it is at the parent’s discretion as to whether you feel your child should have everything pictured in their room, as this will depend on their age and abilities.

But, sit back and release your inner child as we show you some of the coolest children’s rooms going. We can guarantee that it will make you want to turn back the clock back, just so you can sleep in them.

Under The Sea
Create an under the water theme in your child’s room. You can make this as scary or fun as you want, but incorporate everything into the design. Get creative, and show your artistic side, by painting an underwater mural on the wall. Don’t forget to include seaweed, and creatures that you are likely to find. If you have a particularly adventurous child, you can even paint a scary shark on their wall.

Future Astronaut

If your child loves all things space, create a room that any future astronaut would be happy be sleep in. This is relatively easy to do, but looks very impressive once it has been finished. Create constellations on the wall and ceilings, or get artistic and paint the different planets on the walls and ceilings. This is both fun and education for your child. Painting stars on your child’s wall could not be easier, and there is a great way to do it. Because the background needs to be dark, it is better to make a feature wall from it, as opposed to all of the walls in the bedroom, as it will make it feel incredibly dark and small. Keep some walls lighter, but still space themed to allow as much natural light to reflect around the room. However; once you have painted your feature wall in the base colour, you can get a variety of white and light blue tester paint pots, and use the brush to simply flick specks on the wall. Doing this will naturally create different sized spots, giving a great illusion of sparkling stars. So simple, yet incredibly effective. Don’t forget the accessories as well, as these will complete the room. Complete the look with a spaceship shaped bed, lava lamps, and small led lights to really give the room a sparkly, finish. Get spaceman prints and accessories to really allow your child to feel like an astronaut in training every time they enter the room. You will find a room like this will actually create quite a relaxing atmosphere as well and promote a good night’s sleep for your little one.

Jungle Bedroom:

Turn your child’s bedroom into a jungle adventure for them, by creating a fun, jungle themed room that they will want to spend time in. Paint the walls in different shades of green and browns, and invest in some bright and fun bedding. Wooden furniture is great, because they will instantly fit into this theme and you will not have to change anything, they will seamlessly just blend in, and add to the jungle theme.

A Treehouse Bedroom

This one would take a little bit more creativity, but will be well worth it in the end, and is a really good use of space if your child has a slightly smaller bedroom with limited space. Because treehouses are meant to be small and cosy, and up high, you do not need a lot of ground area, instead you need to think about building upwards.

A Climber In The Making

This is better suited for older children, but if you want to incorporate your child’s favourite outside hobby into their bedroom, why not build a small climbing wall, or a traversing wall in their bedroom. Again, you do not need a lot of space for this, and you can create feature wall, but a practical one. You can make this as elaborate, or as simple as you like, but whatever you do, your child will absolutely love it!

A Room Fit For A Princess

Transform your child’s room into a magical paradise by creating a castle that is fit for a princess. Again, cabin beds are ideal for this theme as you can gain height. This will allow you to turn the bed space into a castle quite easily. The area underneath can then be created into their own little kingdom.

Sports Personality

Is your child a crazy fan of a particular sport? Why not let them practise in their free time, by transforming their room into a pitch, green or court to help them celebrate their favourite game. There are a few ways that you can really make this theme work – it is important to stick to one sport rather than trying to combine lots together.

Pirate Ship

Get super creative with this design. Build upwards and include rope bridges, ladders and of course a pirate ship bed. You can even build a small jail that can be incorporated into a reading nook for them. The possibilities are truly endless with this design!


This is such a cool idea for any child (or parent!) who loves the Secret Chronicles of Narnia. Replace their bedroom door with an old wardrobe, with a secret cut out doorway at the back, and let them make their way into Narnia every time they enter their room!

Aye Aye Captaion

Let your child be the captain of their very own ship with this super cool design. Include a ship, ladders, look out holes and their very own flag. This is perfect for any child who longs to be on the high seas!

Circus Bedroom

We’ve all seen the videos of rollercoasters being built in gardens, but how about bringing that theme into your home? Build an ornamental Ferris wheel for their teddies, include lots of bright lights, and circus themed colours. This is a bright, fun, room that all children are guaranteed to absolutely love!

Racetrack Room

If your child is into racing, build them their very own racetrack in their bedroom. Design or buy a race car bed, add a spectator’s platform, flags and set a track down on the floor. Great for any amateur racers!


If you want your child to be involved, and for them to have a completely unique room, paint the room a neutral colour, and include neutral furniture and then give them a load of coloured stickers of varying shapes and sizes, and then, simply let them decorate the room.

A Fort Room!

If you want your child to be involved, and for them to have a completely unique room, paint the room a neutral colour, and include neutral furniture and then give them a load of coloured stickers of varying shapes and sizes, and then, simply let them decorate the room.


Create more fun and interesting ways for your child to get to places from his room. Think about high cabin beds, with slides instead of the conventional ladders and poles for them to slide down. Relive your childhood with all of your favourite playground toys – tunnels, swings…you name it.


Bring the Disney story to live by creating a magic carpet ride every night for your child. Transform their bedroom into Aladdins cave. Use bright colours to bring this theme to life, not forgetting to add cosy accessories such as cushions.

Create a Zoo!

If your child is an animal lover, why not create a walk in Noahs Arc for their bedroom. This is one of the better themes to try on a budget, as you can leave the decorating, and just include large stuffed animals. This is an excellent opportunity for your child to learn more about different animals as well.

Camp Every Night

Is your child a fan of the outdoors? If so, bring the outside in, and create a camping atmosphere within their bedroom. Add drapes over their beds, so they feel that they are sleeping in a tent, and incorporate camping equipment into their room to really make this realistic for the children.

Living In A Bubble

This is perfect for older children. Get some statement furniture that they will want to spend time in. Hanging bubble chairs not only look great, but they will make their room stand out from others. Think about taking this further, and incorporate bubble lampshades etc.


Get some chalkboard paint and paint a feature wall in your child’s room, and let them get creative. This is a great way of getting them involved, and can work throughout their ages as well. It is both inexpensive and easy, yet will create a really unique room for them!

Up, Up, Away

Give your child the ability to fly their very own plane, by turning their bedroom into their very own runway. Get creative and create a fun aircraft bed and include a map mural so they can pick any destination to fly to overnight!

Enchanted Forest

Transform your child’s bedroom into all things magical and watch it transform into an enchanted forest. Think oversized toadstools, big tree trunks, and plush carpets. Let them enter a fairy tale every night!

Secret Bed

Think about building a trap door in their room with their bed underneath it, so they can really impress their friends by having their bed appear from nowhere. This not only looks great, but is a great space saver. Just make sure the door can stay securely open over night.

It's Showtime!

If your child loves attention and to perform, unleash their inner star with a showroom! Include a clothes rail that they can put all of their dressing up clothes on, and build their own stage where they can perform whenever they want!

Let's Go Glamping

Get creative with your child’s sleeping arrangements and built a Teepee for them to sleep in. Get them a low bed frame, and built the luxurious tent around it, so they can feel like they are camping every night.

Life Size Dollhouse

This is every little girl dream. Build a life-size dolls house for them to play in. Cabin beds are great for this as you can easily build onto the frame, and it automatically creates height that you can build from. Add cushions, chairs and windows to create them their very own home from home.

Beach Hut

Have you got a little surfer on your hands? Create their ultimate dream, and turn their bedroom into a surfing/beach hut. Again cabin beds are great for this, and, if you are feeling brave, an indoor sand pit can really bring the theme to life.


Have you always wanted to live in a castle? Well, now is your chance to re-live your childhood dream by transforming your child’s bedroom into their very own castle. Think ladders, luxury and a room fit for a king or queen!


If your child has a favourite super hero or character, run with this and create a really cool room that will be the envy of all their mates. One of the easiest ways to do this is to create an impressive mural on the wall of their favourite scene.

Building A Train Track

Is your child obsessed with trains? If so, build them an exciting scene in their room that will ensure that they cannot wait to jump into bed every night. Transform their bed into a steam train, before painting the wall behind to make it appear that the train is emerging from the tunnel. A guaranteed winner for all train lovers.

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