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 101 Floor Tile Designs To Impress The Neighbours

1) White Tiles
White tiles

Although you might think that white tiles are very non-descript, they are incredibly versatile and will instantly brighten up a home and make it look incredibly striking. As a visitor, your attention will instantly be drawn to the bright white floor. If you are looking to mix this design up a bit, look for whites that mimic natural stone, and to really bring this trend up to date, particularly focus on white wood effect tiles, which are set to become huge. White tiles match superbly with popular chrome and wood features as part of modern interior layouts. There are both natural stone and engineered varieties of white tiles to choose from. White tiles with a marble style provide a timeless quality throughout living areas.

2) Grey Tiles
Grey tiles

Grey tiles continue to be a popular choice, and it is no surprise really, as they create a real statement floor and appear to be a trend that is set to stay around for some time. A trendy marble veined style creates a standout quality as you can see on this bathroom floor. A polished finish really brings out the pattern on these grey tiles. Grey can match superbly with other popular colours like black and white as part of contemporary interiors. You can incorporate a neutral design within your bathroom or kitchen with the use of grey tiles. As you can see from this picture, large format tiles can make smaller interiors appear larger as they have fewer grout lines than smaller varieties. For a consistent decor a matching grey tiled bathtub also works to good effect.

3) Industrial Iron Tiles
Industrial tiles

Create a stylish splashback wall design in your bathroom or kitchen with these trendy Industrial Iron Tiles. The brick formation and black and blue colour really adds character to interior layouts. They provide an interesting feature on walls and can be accentuated further by a light coloured grout. These tiles match extremely well with a vast array of worktops and units. Not only do Industrial Iron Tiles provide a unique look on walls but they are also easy to clean and maintain. In addition to bathrooms and kitchens, these tiles are also used in living rooms as part of a fireplace surround. This versatile option can also be used in conservatories, porches and hallways.

4) Espresso Tile

Espresso tiles Don’t be put off by introducing brown into your home. It does not have to look dull and dingy, and in fact can make your home look very warm and inviting. Think about incorporating really dark tiles, that are almost black, especially in the case of dark wood effect flooring. Think about adding high gloss counters and cupboards with this type of flooring to really set it off nicely. These look great in a bathroom teamed with matching tiles on the wall; however, they can be used throughout the home. There are many different varieties of brown tiles available to choose from including plain styles and this marble veined option. Natural brown marble or stone effect tiles are perfect for flooring areas as the dark colour helps to conceal dirt and dust.

5) High Gloss Black Tiles
Hi gloss black tiles

Block colour tiles create an incredibly striking finish to your home, that is guaranteed to be the envy of your neighbours. High gloss black tiles are incredibly sleek, classic, and will definitely turn heads. They certainly add glamour to any room, and the mirrored aspect of the high gloss will ensure that your room does not appear smaller as light will be reflected. Although, these are available in many different shapes, for maximum impact, go for medium sized square tiles. Black is certainly a classic colour for interior designs and its distinctive appearance is enhanced further by a high gloss finish. The standout black colour can also be accentuated by a contrasting white grout for additional style on walls and floors.

6) Pink Tiles
Pink tiles

Create a look in your home which will certainly wow your guests by choosing pink tiles. This bright and vibrant colour matches extremely well with modern bathroom features including chrome taps, white sinks and clear glass shower screens and doors. In addition to plain pink tiles you can also choose from sparkly quartz varieties which have a surface covered in reflective mirror pieces. If you just wish to incorporate pink tiles within a small section of the overall design, a pink feature wall or border is a really good idea. Alternatively, you could use pink tiles on both walls and floors to create a really emphatic look. A polished finish complements the pink colour extremely well, producing a highly glossy surface .

7) Electric Blue
Electric blue quartz tiles

Create a huge statement by adding an electric blue design within your home. Whether you choose to install a floor or wall like this in your living room, kitchen or bathroom, it will definitely impress your neighbours and guests. Glossy electric blue tiles will create a dramatic look against standard kitchen fittings for example. It also works great with popular colours like white. An electric blue colour can be emphasised by effective lighting including ceiling spotlights. This colour can really bring an interior design to life and is superb for feature walls and splashback designs. Blue is a traditional bathroom colour and these tiles are ideal for shower areas and the wall space above bathtubs and sinks. Electric Blue tiles can even be complemented by a trendy border design for additional style.

8) Taupe
Taupe beige tiles

Taupe is a popular colour for interior designs. It is beige/grey in shade and is perfect for creating a neutral quality. Not only are Taupe Tiles used in kitchens and bathrooms but Taupe soft fabrics are regularly incorporated within living room layouts in the form of sofas, carpets, cushions and curtains. In lounge areas, Taupe tiles can also work really well as they match superbly with leather and wooden finishes and features. Taupe tiles are also a great choice for modern en suites and wet rooms. They are excellent for providing an understated backdrop which could be matched with a decorative tiled border. Matching light Taupe tiles with dark brown colours is effective for creating a stylish contrast on walls and floors.

9) Bronze Metallic Tiles
Light pink tiles

Create a stunning wall feature in your home with Bronze Metallic Tiles. The differing lighter and darker shades can be expertly captured by effective lighting in kitchens and bathrooms. To emphasise the deep bronze metallic colour a white grout is great for creating a trendy contrast. Not only are these tiles excellent for modern bathrooms and kitchens but they are also a great choice for feature walls in living rooms as part of a fireplace surround. As you can see from this picture they are very well suited to a brick effct pattern, which is also known as a running bond formation. Not only are bronze metallic tiles acquired for home designs but they have also been selected for shops, restaurants and hotels.

10) Black Grout
black grout

Ok, so this technically is not a tile, but you can easily create a wall or floor with a difference, and one that will certainly attract people’s attention, by swapping your traditional white grout, with a black one. Black grout will also reduce the amount of deep cleaning you have to do. It’s a win win situation! Black grout contrasts superbly with white tiles for a timeless appearance as part of a splashback or feature wall. For a consistent, seamless look you can also match black grout with black tiles. It also works to superb effect with red tiles for an emphatic combination. Black works extremely well with these metro tiles as the distinctive colour emphasises the brick wall formation.

11) Aqua Green / Blue Tiles
teal green tiles

Aqua is one of the biggest colours this year and creating a statement in your home with this colour will really impress the neighbours! Keep accessories and furnishings simple with this colour by using warm browns and coppers which will complement it perfectly. This fresh colour is perfect for a wide range of interior layouts. Aqua green and blue tiles are particularly well suited to modern bathroom decors and can be used to great effect as part of a splashback en suite wall or shower surround. This particular wall design displays a consistent colour scheme and a decorative border which offers an additional style element. We can certainly see why Aqua tiles have became increasingly popular in recent years.

12) Grey/Brown
grey brown tiles

Greyish brown tiles look great in bathrooms and wet rooms. You can easily combine these with a feature wall, which will make your bathroom stand out from others. The neutral feel of this colour will ensure that it can be tied into any existing themes that you might already have in your bathroom. Grey and brown natural stone certainly provides a unique look and character, as you can see on this floor. These traditional stone colours are ideal for floors and perfectly within a range of kitchen styles including farmhouse and contemporary. Grey and Brown tiles provide a stylish neutral backdrop in any room and provide a great base for your interior design ideas to develop further.

13) Cream Travertine
cream travertine tiles

It is no surprise that Cream Travertine Tiles are an extremely popular option for modern bathroom interiors. The unique natural features, created by the formation of this natural stone, and soft neutral colours make it perfect for walls and floors as part of contemporary decors. It matches superbly with white bathtubs and sinks and also chrome taps and tile trim. This versatile material also works superbly with natural wood and stone features. Large format cream travertine tiles can really help to accentuate space, even in smaller rooms like en suite bathrooms. Cream Travertine tiles can also be used on the outside of a bathtub which will provide additional style in your bathroom.

14) No Grout
no grout in tiles

Again, this is not necessarily a tile design, but the finished look will certainly impress the neighbours. Of course, you will need grout to secure the tiles, but give the illusion of no grout, by picking a grout colour that matches the tiles. This will create a seamless finish, and your eye will instantly be drawn to the floor for all the right reasons. A seamless floor design is perfect for tiles which have a distinctive pattern, for example; veined marble varieties. It gives the impression that the pattern runs consistently throughout without any gaps. Whether you are adding tiles to a small or large area, a seamless finish with small grout lines is an extremely effective style technique. It can even be matched with a seamless finish on walls in bathrooms and kitchens.

15) Red Tiles
red tiles

Red tiles really do create a great impact as part of interior layouts. If you choose this design, it is best to keep the rest of the furniture and accessories simple to avoid overcrowding the room. Bright red tiles produce a vibrant appearance which can really bring an interior design to life. A red tile with a real standout quality is sparkly quartz which has reflective mirror pieces. Red Quartz is ideal for creating an emphatic floor design or wall splashback. White grout lines will really help to emphasise the deep red colour. Square red tiles are an excellent choice for bathroom decors. Red will combine superbly with classic colours like black and white for a stunning contrast on walls and floors in your home.

16 Mixed Natural
mixed natural wood tiles

You seem to see wood flooring absolutely everywhere these days; shops, restaurants, hotels, airports etc. Whether it's a natural wood finish or a wood effect variety in the form of tiles or vinyl, a natural wood look is as popular as ever. Wood Porcelain Tiles are a great option if you are looking to impress your neighbours. There are many different options to choose from including Reclaimed Wood Effect Tiles which have mixed colours, thus providing an interesting feature. Mixed Natural Wood can be used throughout your home including porches, hallways, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. The combination of a traditional brown wood colour and other colours including light blue and dark grey certainly adds a rustic character to any home layout.

17) Parquet Brown Flooring
parquet brown tiles

Continuing with the wood theme, Parquet Brown Flooring has also became a sought after option for home interiors in recent years. This flooring option will undoubtedly impress your neighbours with its natural wood effect charm. Parquet Brown Ceramic Tiles are particularly well suited to open plan living spaces. The wood pattern provides a timeless style which can be incorporated to superb effect within a minimalist, contemporary design. The brown colour and wood pattern matches superbly with a range of interior styles and features which means that these tiles can remain on your floor even if you decide to change other aspects of your design. An area of the home which can really benefit from Parquet Brown Flooring is the conservatory, where they can be complemented superbly by wood furnishings.

18) Ramie
cream white tiles

Ramie is the newest spin on a classic white colour. If you are looking for a neutral colour, but do not want to commit to a bright white, this creamy off white colour will look fantastic all throughout the home. The ease at which it can be incorporated within a vast array of interior design layouts is a big reason why it is proving such a popular shade option. It provides a slightly cosier appearance than bright white tiles in bathrooms and kitchens and combines extremely well with other neutral colours like brown, cream and grey. These creamy white tiles offer a sophisticated backdrop and provide you with the perfect canvass upon which you can make your interior design dreams come true.

19) Sunshine Yellow
yellow tiles

Now this will certainly get all of the neighbours talking. Make the bold move by investing in some bright sunshine yellow tiles to ensure that it is sunny all the time in your home. It will instantly make you feel happier every time you step into it! A yellow colour creates a standout feature and can work superbly in combination with other bright colours including orange. Alternatively you can combine sunshine yellow tiles with standard black and white tiles. A sunshine yellow design will certainly produce a wow factor whenever your friends or family come round to visit. By choosing tiles with a high gloss finish you'll notice how light will bounce off the surface and emphasise the sunshine yellow colour even more, providing your interior with an additional design element.

20) Neon Lighting
neon edging on tiles

This is quite a commitment to a trend, but neon colours continue to be absolutely massive, when used as accents around the home. for this trend to work opt for a plain and light colours for the main design, and add neon mosaic tiles around the edge to create a feature on the floor. Neon lighting can certainly open out the available space and make smaller rooms appear larger. It is also chosen for open plan interiors and works really well in hallways with high arches. Lighting can accentuate certain features so positioning neon lights close to a vibrant wall or floor design is highly recommended. Neon lighting in living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens is really catching on and is something that will definitely impress your neighbours.

21) Colour Clashing
colour clashing tiles

Pick an otherwise neutral floor colour, such as white, or grey and add random colour clashing tiles. Much like the waterpaint splash design that has become popular for wall designs. Creating this on your floor is really unusual and it will definitely get people talking, but one thing is for certain and that is that you will never tire of looking at it! A multi-coloured design provides interiors with a standout appeal which really brings interior areas to life. Although using this design throughout your home might be a bit too overpowering, incorporating it within certain parts of your home can provide a really interesting feature. It can offer a bright and welcoming entrance wall in porches and hallways but works to equally good effect in bathrooms and kitchens. It will also wow your guests if you use a colour clashing technique in your lounge.

22) Navy & Gold
navy gold tiles

Navy and gold are an unconventional pairing, but one that has been an incredibly popular trend this year. Make the glossy, navy blue tiles the primary focus, but add accent gold tiles throughout the flooring. This luxurious looking tile will definitely be the talking point for all the right reasons. The combination of these colours in a decorative pattern really helps to create a unique quality as part of any interior design layout. Navy and Gold combine superbly with white colours for a trendy appearance in en suite bathrooms and wet rooms. Tiles with a high gloss finish really help to emphasise these two colours, making them ideal for an emphatic feature in shower areas and sink surrounds. You can also use these two colours together as part of a trendy border, surrounded by plain white tiles.

23) Camel Floors
light emperador marble tiles

Camel coloured flooring will provide a beautiful rich and warm feel to your home, without drawing too much attention to the floor. This cool, understated colour looks great throughout the whole home, whether it is in your bedroom, or kitchen. The welcoming colour looks great with natural wooden accessories. Whether your home is contemporary or rustic, camel flooring will work. It will also match extremely well with a camel wall colour for a consistent interior decor. This recent camel flooring trend has not only proven popular for home designs but the neutral quality has proven popular for large renovations like shopping centres and airports. The cream and beige shades are ideal for opening out the space in any room and are therefore well suited to both large and small interior areas.

24) Violet Tones

violet tiles Lavender and violet tiles create a really relaxing theme within any room. It looks great in living rooms and even bedrooms, and you can run with this theme as much as you want. If you are feeling bold, you can cover your whole floor with large violet floor tiles, or alternatively, pick a more neutral coloured tile, and just add accent violet tiles. Either plain violet tiles or varieties with a slight pattern will provide a stylish look in your home. Your neighbours will be impressed by the way in which this fresh colour can be incorporated within contemporary designs and matches extremely well with popular black and white features in modern bathrooms. Violet might not always be the first colour you consider when you are looking to improve your home decor but it is certainly worth taking in to consideration.

25) Mosaics
mosaic tiles

It is time to create a masterpiece in your home with the use of mosaics. Look for miniature tiles and set about creating a picture or a pattern. Mosaics are not just reserved for wall designs, and are set to be really popular, not to mention impressive. Incorporating a mosaic feature within your interior layout can provide a trendy contrast with your overall decor and colour scheme. The versatility of mosaics are another reason they are such a great choice for walls and floors as you can really wow your guests with a trendy border or decorative splashback. Mosaics have a unique intricacy which complements plain wall designs. Mosaic floor tiles are also popular for creating a Roman style bath house effect.

26) Use Different Shades Of One Colour
coloured tiles

Create a trendy, watercolour effect on your wall or floor by using two or three shades of one colour. This will create a tone on tone patchwork effect on your floor. This can be achieved with mosaic tiles as squares of the same colour with slightly contrasting shades. This new tile trend has taken inspiration from the world of interior design where different shades of the same colour are rather common in relation to soft fabrics like curtains, cushions, carpets and sofas. Using the same colour but utilising different shades within the overall design is perfect for producing a consistent layout. A design like this green mosaic pattern can be contrasted with bold colours like black and dark brown. It can be used as part of a decorative splashback or feature wall or even shower wall surround.

27) Herringbone And Chevrons
coloured tiles

Go against the norm and lay rectangular subway tiles into Herringbone and Chevron patterns to add depth and interest to your room. Although a subtle difference, it really will make your tiles stand out to others. A chevron pattern means that each tile is angled to make a V in the centre, and a herringbone is where each rectangular tile meets the other in a staggering zigzag. This looks superb on a floor and will amaze your guests as soon as they walk in to the room. Herringbone and Chevron patterns are not used exclusively on floors but as it can also be incorporated - to stunning effect - within a wall design. This pattern is ideal for the wall space above a worktop in a kitchen as part of a trendy splashback decor. A tile with a polished finish and contrasting coloured grout can really accentuate this pattern.

28) Create A Tile Rug
coloured tiles

Although this is relatively similar to creating a mosaic in your home, it creates very different overall feel to the room. Create a contrast to your plain tiles, by mixing up the size, colour and texture of the tiles to create the appearance of a rug in your home. This works brilliantly in your living room, or dining room. This design has been achieved with the use of matching colours to that of the overall floor but the use of contrasting colours can also produce a standout feature. This is ceratinly a tile feature which will get your friends and family talking when they come round to visit. A tile rug design is popular for hotels and shops and it is no surprise that it is now taking the interior design world by storm.

29) Fragments
fragment tiles

This is similar to the mosaic tile patterns, but gives it a cool, modern edge to it. Whether you choose to create a pattern or a feature floor, fragment tiles will create a very eye-catching floor. Fragment tiles are less consistent in shape and size than mosaic ones, which will mean that you can produce something less clean cut and a little edgier. A fragment tile design will be the type of feature that will amaze your friends and family. Not only is it great for floors including porches, conservatories and utility rooms but is also superb for living room wall features, including as part of a fireplace surround. Fragmented tiles used together in order to make a larger design can certainly produce a wow factor and focal point in any interior layout.

30) Hexagonal Pattern
hexagonal tiles

Instead of going with a traditional square or rectangular pattern, mix it up and include some small mosaic hexagonal shaped tiles. This will work in any room around the house, but will make a particular statement in your bathroom. This interesting shape is perfect for creating a retro style with a modern twist. Hexagonal patterns have a far more eye-catching appearance than standard square or rectangular tiles and you never know, this might be the wow factor your home is missing. It is not just flooring spaces which can benefit from the unique look of hexagonal tiles but also walls in the form of a decorative feature or splashback. There are many colour options available, from monochrome varieties to bright Hexagonal coverings like orange, red and blue.

31) Big Format Floor Tiles
big format tiles

This trend works well in any space as larger than average tiles create a real statement. There are many benefits to this type of tile, with fewer grout lines being a big one! It can actually make your home appear larger too, which is bound to impress any guest that you have in your home. Using larger format tiles in smaller en suites and wet rooms can accentuate the available space as the fewer grout lines result in a less cluttered and cramped feel. Large natural stone tiles like marble and travertine are often selected for feature walls in living rooms and can provide an incredible focal point. If you want to mix it up a bit then complementing large format tiles with a small border pattern can really bring a design to life by offering an additional style element.

32) Mix Up With Width
wood plank tiles

Mixing up the width of your chosen tile looks great and will definitely make your floor stand out from others. This tile pattern works best with plank flooring, and it is entirely up to you whether you do this in a set pattern, or use random widths. Often tiles with varying widths will arrive as part of standard sized panels for easy tiling, with stone cladding being an obvious example of this. Mixing and matching widths also works to stunning effect on walls and is another style element in addition to colour, pattern and finish which can really catch the eye. Wood finishes are also ideal for this technique as it offers a rustic character through its randomised formation. It is certainly ture that an amalgamation of different widths certainly makes you take notcie of the feature it has created on a wall or floor.

33) Geometric
Geometric tiles

Geometric patterns are set to be huge this year, and look great in kitchens. You can really add interest by mixing up geometric patterns on your kitchen floor. Although this tile pattern works best if you have plain cabinets and units, the great thing about geometric tile patterns is that it will go with both contemporary and traditional themes. It is the simplicity of Geometric patterns which make a real statement in bathrooms and kitchens. An uncomplicated geometric formation is ideal for minimalist, contemporary decors with the use of popular materials like wood and chrome. These tiles work superbly on a main feature living room wall which complements a modern fireplace. You can add style, class and sophistication with these Geometric tiles and they are also easy to clean and maintain.

34) Brick Look
brick tiles

Don’t think that brick look patterns can only be used outside. Brick patterns look great in your home and are a really exciting floor or wall option. Changes like this, no matter how simple, can make a huge difference to your home and will definitely give a European feel to it. The classic running bond pattern of a brick layout creates a distinctive appearance and makes it perfect for feature walls in living rooms, conservatories, kitchens and bathrooms. A brick look can be created with a vast array of tile products. The versatility of a brick pattern ensures it can be incorporated within either a contemporary or traditional interior layout. A brick style is extremely popular for fireplace surrounds as part of stylish living room decors. A brick look is ideal for transforming the overall character of your home design.

35 Wide Plank
Wide Plank wood tiles

Don’t think that going bigger with your tiles refers only to square tiles. Vary up the width of the tiles and use wider planks than you were first considering. These will not only make your room look bigger, but will also create a great wow factor when people come into your home, as they will instantly make your flooring look more impressive and expensive. Wide plank Tiles are available in a large variety of styles including wood effect and plain gloss products. If you use wide plank tiles on a floor you can contrast them with a different style on walls for an interesting feature. To accentuate the look and style of wide plank tiles use them in a brick pattern, running bond formation for maximum effect. There are many interesting Wood Plank porcelain flooring products available to choose from.

36 Illusion Tiles
Illusion Tiles

Creating an optical illusion with your floor tiles is not only really creative, but will definitely make your floor or wall stand out for all of the right reasons. Optical illusion tiles will definitely stand out from others, and will make your home completely unique. It is a great talking point with guests, and you are guaranteed to enjoy it for years to come. This type of design can certainly catch the eye in a living room as part of a stylish feature. There are an array of patterns and styles to choose from if you are looking to incorporate these tiles within your overall decor. With the use of these tiles you can introduce a trendy style and really bring your interior to life in stunning fashion. The optical illusion can be emphasised futher with the use of tiles which have a high gloss surface created by a polished finish.

37 Black & White Checkerboard
black and white tiles

Let’s face it, the checkerboard has been going strong since the 50’s and it isn’t going anywhere in a hurry. This style works best in a kitchen, and when you keep the rest of your accessories to a minimum. You can update this theme though by choosing smaller or larger tiles, and changing the way in which the tiles are laid as well. Consider placing them in a diagonal position rather than in rows. Black and white certainly has a timeless appeal and a black and white checkerboard offers a retro quality in any room. In addition to large expansive designs on walls and floors, a black and white checkerboard can also be used as a trendy splashback or border. A checkerboard pattern can combine superbly with bold colours like bright red or blue for a vibrant look on walls.

38 Three Coloured Checkerboard
three coloured checkerboard tiles

If you do not want traditional checkerboard in your home, try mixing up different colours. Mixing black, white and grey give this long-standing design a modern twist, and can make kitchens look very light and airy. You can be as daring as you like with three colored checkerboard tilesthis design, and brighter colours, or more natural colours. This upgraded theme will definitely keep people talking. Incorporating another colour within a checkerboard design, opposed to just the standard two, produces an additional style element. A three coloured checkerboard looks superb when arranged in a diagonal pattern across floors with this technique not only being popular for home interiors but also shops and cafes.

39 Duckboard Flooring
duckboard flooring

Duckboard flooring is making a huge comeback, especially in bathrooms. Traditionally, it was used in boat buildings, but it can create a lot of warmth in homes. The long, thin, wooden panels create a really striking appearance that cannot be achieved with other types of flooring. This style of flooring will introduce an interesting appearance and practical covering to areas throughout your home. A brown wood finish will match with other much-loved home colours like cream and grey. Your guests will be impressed by Duckboard flooring in your home as you re-establish an old classic. Introducing a style which was previously very popular appears to be very popular at the moment and it is certainly no surprise.

40) Create A Trim
tile trim tiles

Create a distinctive trim on your floor or wall in order to add a new dimension to your interior layout. This can work throughout your home, and can be used in conjunction with other tile shapes and patterns. You can use small hexagonal tiles in your bathroom to create a black floor with a white trim to add a modern twist on the traditional monochrome finish. Alternatively you can add a neat and tidy trim to modern interiors like this grey bathroom wall design. Not only does a trim protect the sides and edges of tiles but it can also be used to fit within the overall layout. Trims are used on walls to accentuate features and also for window surrounds. Incorporating a trim within a home design is a really trendy finishing touch.

41) Diagonal Bathroom Tiles
diagonal tiles

If you have square tiles, but are worried about the size of your room, simply lay these on a diagonal angle, to create a more unique feel to the floor, but also one that will instantly make your room appear larger. Combine this with lighter colour tiles and extend this pattern onto your walls, to really open your room up. Your guests will be amazed at how a diagonal pattern can transform a specific room in your home. As a flooring pattern, tiles laid diagonally offer a stylish alternative to standard grid or running bond formations. This pattern can also work superbly on a wall as a splashback in a kitchen or living room. Choose large format square tiles for an emphatic feature or in contrast smaller squares for a more intricate appearance.

42) Basketweave
basketweave tiles

A basketweave pattern is one of the most popular flooring patterns, and one that looks very impressive, but is deceptively easy to lay. To create the distinctive weave pattern, lay a square of horizontal rectangular tiles directly next to one that has been laid vertically. This look can be achieved with tiles but there are also many vinyl flooring options with a basketweave pattern which are well suited to bathrooms and kitchens. A Basketweave style is also well suited to wall layouts to create a decorative feature. Using contrasting popular colours like black and white as part of the basketweave is a popular technique. It also looks smart and sophisticated as a step or staircase covering and can even be incorporated within a conservatory interior. A basketweave pattern offers a really eye-catching style.

43) Versailles Pattern
Versailles Pattern tiles

The Versailles pattern is incredibly elegant, and although it uses four different sizes of tiles, and among one of the hardest to create, it looks really special when it has been fitted. Although it is probably best to have professionals come and install this tile pattern, it will look great in your home and can work with a number of colours and materials. You can acquire a Versailles Pattern set so you don't have to mix and match different boxes of tiles in order to get the desired effect on a wall or floor. This pattern is primarily seen as a flooring option and works incredibly well throughout homes including areas such as porches, hallways and conservatories. This pattern can also be incorporated - to stunning effect - within farmhouse style kitchen designs which include natural wood features and fittings.

44) Carrara Tiles
carrara white marble tiles

Introduce the distinctive style and character of natural stone marble within your home layout with Carrara Marble Tiles. You can wow your guests with a stylish look on walls as these tiles offer a timeless appearance. To really bring your home to life choose Carrara Tiles as a feature wall in your living room as part of a fireplace surround. You can choose from either natural Carrara Tiles or stone effect varieties for a stunning decor. The veined pattern of Carrara Marble adds a unique dimension to interior layouts creating a stunning backdrop. These tiles are also perfect for floors and combine superbly with wooden furnishings and both leather and fabric materials. By choosing large format tiles you can really accentuate the space in any room, making smaller interiors appear larger.

45) Brick Pattern
brick pattern tiles

This is sometimes referred to as the running bond, and is popular on walls, but has been seen more and more on floors as well, and will instantly create a modern feel that will definitely attract people’s attention. To create this pattern in your home, you need to arrange tiles in a traditional brick layout. To emphasise the brick pattern use a contrasting coloured grout, for example use white grout with black tiles to make it stand out more. This pattern can work superbly with either natural stone or porcelain and ceramic tiles. A brick pattern can be created effectively with the use of rectangular tiles. This trendy layout will undoubtedly impress your guests and they will be asking you how you create such a spectacular style.

46) Diagonal Tiles, With Dots
Diagonal Tiles

This is another twist on the more traditional diagonal layout, but is a design that will work throughout your entire home. The design consists of large tiles which are notched at regular intervals, with smaller accent tiles in the middle. Contrasting colours work best with this design. If you use Diagonal Tiles with dots as part of a large feature wall then your guests are sure to be impressed. This design will create a stunning appearance in a living room as part of a contemporary layout. The use of bold colours like black or dark grey and a metallic or high gloss finish will really help to emphasise the dot pattern. This type of style produces an interesting focal point in any room. For a contrasting decor this pattern on walls will complement standard format floor tile formations.

47) Pinwheel
Pinwheel Tiles

The pinwheel design is a really great tile pattern that can be used throughout the home. Again, it is best used with two contrasting tile colours, and consists of a small square tile, that is surrounded by four larger ones. This design is also sometimes referred to as a Hopscotch design. Although a pinwheel pattern can also be used on a wall this design is better suited to flooring layouts. You will really impress your guests if you choose this pattern for a modern kitchen interior. This pattern offers an intricate formation which creates an eye catching design. In order to emphasise this pattern choose tiles with a high gloss finish. On floors this design matches well with plain wall features and bold colours. It is highly recommended if you are looking to transform contemporary bathroom or en suite interiors.

48) Windmill Design
Windmill Design Tiles

The windmill is a great pattern that will instantly revamp any flooring design. It is very simply to lay, and is easily something that could be undertaken as a DIY project. There are different variations of a windmill design and this one with the use of triangular tiles is a decorative example. This formation produces an interesting feature which can bring any room to life. The use of two or more colours provides a stylish contrast and accentuates the windmill design extremely well. If you incorporate a windmill pattern within your interior layout then I'm sure your guests will be asking you how you created such a unique feature. This design not only works as general flooring but also on steps and as a staircase covering.

49) Large Plank Tiles
Large Plank Tiles

Large plank tiles are becoming more and more popular in the home now, and they really make a statement throughout your home. Plank tiles are available in a number of different materials and styles, so you can incorporate your favourite materials, within a more modern setting and design. The great thing about large plank tiles is that they are not used exclusively on floors but can also be incorporated within wall designs. A popular large plank style is wood effect as this offers the appearance of genuine wood flooring. Wood Porcelain and Ceramic varieties provide a timeless style and is perfect for open plan designs. A standout feature walls in living rooms can be created to stunning effect with the use of large plank tiles arranged in a running bond pattern.

50) Octagon Tiles
Octagon Tiles

Don’t stop at the hexagon tiles. Homeowners have really been experimenting with different tile shapes, and octagon tiles are being seen a fair bit. They are slightly less common than hexagon tiles, and will create a unique feel in your home. This unique shape looks great as part of a kitchen splashback and will really impress your guests who will no doubt be asking where you acquired these tiles from. For a simple feature you can use Octagon Tiles of a contrasting colour to the overall wall layout and surrounding features. If you are on the lookout for an interesting feature that will add style to your home decor at a low cost then just a small quantity of Octagon tiles around a sink or bathtub in a bathroom can add genuine class and sophistication.

51) Tartan Flooring
Tartan Flooring

This design proves that Tartan not only looks stylish as clothing but can also be used as part of your home layout. It can really make a great feature floor. It might be an incredibly bold design, but is one that will definitely turn heads. You can get tartan printed tiles in a range of colours, so you can match your accessories with your chosen tile. This design can also work on walls but the important thing is not to overdo it - particularly in small rooms as you can make them appear cramped and cluttered. A small tartan feature, however, can produce a unique, decorative style which provides a really interesting interior element. This pattern matches superbly with minimalist features which do not overcomplicate a particular design.

52) Combine Different Patterns
Combine Different Patterns

If there are a number of different tile patterns that you enjoy, then why not combine more than one in your home. Although this needs to be done carefully, it can be applied in the same way the rug design can be using different tiles. Instead of using contrasting tiles, you use different patterns to create a feature on the floor. Incorporating a variety of different colours and styles within the same design can produce a standout appearance. This combination of patterns can be achieved with either natural stone or engineered tiles. There are many different varieties of granite which combine superbly as part of interior layouts for a unique feature in homes. The formation you use to display these tiles is equally important and a randomised style can add to the interest and really impress the people who visit your home.

53) Triangular Tiles
Triangular Tiles

There is something very striking about a triangular tile. They look great, and can be laid in a number of different ways to really create a unique look and feel to your room. Team this pattern with different colours and materials. Pastel pinks, grey, blue and marble effect tiles look great with this design. Using lots of different colours and styles as part of an overall design is perfect for feature walls and kitchen splashbacks. Triangular shaped tiles offer something different to standard square and rectangular varieties. This design can even be used as a border to complement standard format tiles. These tiles are great for creating an intricate pattern which offers a unique style element. They work superbly as part of bold, contemporary decors which are intended to make a real statement.

54) Offset Monochrome Kitchen Tiles
Offset Monochrome Tiles

Monochrome tiles are not going anywhere quickly, and this offset monochrome design is a great way of bringing this classic theme up to date. Use larger white tiles and smaller black tiles to offset this design. You could also use a monochrome inspired tile pattern which works great as part of contemporary decors and also offers a retro perspective. Monochrome colours are highly versatile and match superbly with wooden worktops and plain white walls and features. Another benefit of using monochrome tiles is that even when you decide to change the unit and drawer design these colours are likely to complement your new layout extremely well. You will wow your guests with a distinctive monochrome design in a bathroom or kitchen.

55) Slate Effect
Slate Effect Tiles

For a design full of natural character and beauty choose Slate Effect Tiles for your home. Slate is one of the most distinctive natural stone varieties avaialable and this look has been encapsulated perfectly within many porcelain and ceramic products. Slate Effect Tiles are ideal for a feature wall design particularly as a fireplace surround. Slate is notable for its neutral grey colour which provides a stunning backdrop in both modern and traditional interiors. Large format slate effect tiles can be used within a majestic interior decor. A slate effect feature provides a stunning focal point in living rooms but is also well suited to bathrooms and kitchens. Complementing a slate design with wooden features and also bold colours like black and chrome can make all the difference.

56) Victorian Style Tiles
Victorian Style Tiles

There is something incredibly elegant about a Victorian style tile and it will certainly impress anyone who sees it. Victorian style tiles look great throughout the home, from your bathroom to your living room. Combine blues, reds and golds for a traditional regal feel to your home or use similar colours in a decorative pattern like this flooring layout. This is a great idea for a simple feature if you really want to grab the attention of friends and family who come to visit your home. These tiles work superbly as part of a feature wall or even as a vertical border strip. You can make a real statement in a porch or hallway with Victorian Style Tiles and this will certainly offer an amazing look as soon as people enter your home.

57) Bring The Outdoors In
Outdoor  Tiles

Outdoor style tiles are being used inside a lot more now. Think rustic terracotta tiles to make your room stand out from others and give your home a Mediterranean feel to it. Alternatively, consider a versatile slate. Not only is grey an on trend colour this season, it is a fantastic way of incorporating this trend. Other varieties which have an outdoor feel but also look great throughout interior areas are brick effect tiles. Cladding is another product which is equally well suited to exterior areas as it is to living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Conservatories are another place in which tiles with are commonly used in outdoor areas can be incorporated to great effect. Within a conservatory, paving tiles look great when complemented with plants and rustic wooden features.

58) Fabric Look Tiles
Fabric Tiles

We are not talking about the carpet tiles that you used to find in schools, but modern, and classy floor and wall tiles that have a brilliant fabric appearance. These are really unusual and are guaranteed to turn heads. This cool trend is really hot right now, and will certainly be of interest to any visitors that you have in your home. They look great around the home, and can be used in a number of different rooms and spaces. Soft fabrics are not really a viable option in bathrooms and kitchens as they are not a practical, waterprooof covering. These fabric tiles offer a great alternative to soft materials as you can create a woven, cross-hatch design on walls and floors. The use of cream, grey or ivory colours also provide you with a neutral backdrop in any room.

59) Metallic Look Wall Tiles
Metallic Tiles

Metallic look tiles definitely offer a statement piece and are popping up everywhere at the moment. Although they are more often seen in bathrooms, they would not look out of place in a living room, or even a kitchen. A metallic style provides a distinctive character in any room. These tiles are perfect if you are looking to create a standout feature on walls. A metallic appearance will certainly wow your guests, particularly if you incorporate these tiles within a distinctive focal point as part of a fireplace surround in living rooms. In addition to the colour and pattern of a tile a metallic finish produces an additional style element which can really bring an interior layout to life. Arranging rectangular metallic look wall tiles within a brick formation is another popular technique.

60) 3D Pattern
3D Box Pattern Tiles

Bring your room to life by introducing some 3D pattern tiles. You can be as creative and colourful as you want here, but if you are looking for a timeless colour match that will go with existing designs, opt for a classic monochrome. A 3D pattern will really grab the attention of your guests making you the envy of all your neighbours. These tiles will certainly add a different dimension to your home decor in opposed to standard tiles. It is no surprise that these tiles are not only sought after for home decors but are also becoming increasingly popular for larger commercial properties including shops, restaurants and cafes. These tiles certainly produce a unique feature and this has caused many people within the interior design industry to sit up and take notice!

61) Patchwork
Patchwork Tiles

Create a stylish look in your home with a design which features a patchwork pattern. This quirky look works well in traditional kitchens, and will definitely become a talking point when you have any visitors to your home. You can create this look with either soft fabrics or tiles. A patchwork pattern combines many different elements to create an overall decorative feature. You can combine different colours in order to create a trendy feature and even match this with a plain design for a trendy contrast. This amalgamation of patterns and shades can produce a distinctive look which produces a standout quality as part of a wall or floor design. If you choose this then I'm sure your guests will be looking out for a similar design to incorporate within their home interior.

62) Farmhouse Brick
Farmhouse Brick Tiles

This is another design that works very well in kitchens. Rustic, farmhouse brick designs are incredibly welcoming and work with many designs. Terracotta tiles are both warming, but also come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can get creative with yours. Square and lozenge shapes brick tiles give a great Spanish feel to your home and kitchen. There are some great products on the market including brick porcelain tiles which provide a brick appearance but are also highly practical. Farmhouse brick looks superb in living rooms as part of a fireplace surround. A classic brick wall decor is certainly a magnificent sight and adds a real focal point to interior layouts. A timeless red colour is often the preferred choice but farmhouse brick is also available in grey.

63) Monochrome
Monochrome Tiles

Monochrome tiles are an absolute classic, and never seem to go out of fashion. For smaller rooms, glossy white tiles are really great as they will make a room appear larger, and black tiles will make a huge impact. Add both white and black accessories to really make this design pop and come to life. Monochrome designs can be accentuated further by effective lighting. Ceiling spotlights and lights above mirrors in bathrooms are good examples of lighting which can really emphasise monochrome colours, creating a certain character and ambience. A monochrome backdrop will also provide you with the opportunity to experiment with more vibrant features and style elements for a more emphatic design.

64) Matt Finish Tiles
Matt Finished Tiles

Most people are automatically drawn to high shine finish tiles but matt finish tiles add texture and dimension to your home, not to mention a more unique look. Matt tiles are available in a number of different colours and designs and it is a trend that is not going anywhere soon. A matt finish is particularly prevalent when it comes to natural stone tiles as this seems to complement natural colours and features extremely well. Porcelain Floor Tiles often have a matt finish and can be used in high traffic areas of the home. From plain designs to matt tiles which have a pattern or feature you are spoilt for choice as there are so many varieties available. Instead of reflecting light like a polished tile, matt tiles have a unique shimmer which produces a warm glow on walls and floors.

65) Mix And Match
Mix And Match Tiles

Don’t feel that you have to stick to one colour and one size. Mix smaller coloured subway tiles, large marble effect square tiles and a grey basket weave pattern to really make your wall or floor stand out. The great thing about this pattern is that you can apply these to your whole house, and you can really impress your guests. The most likely scenario is that you will mix and match tiles within a specific part of a design like a feature wall or border. You may need to acquire the services of an experienced tiling contractor to carry out work if you are considering mixing and matching tiles in your home as part of the same design - this is because different types of tiles can vary in thickness. This look will no doubt wow any visitors you welcome in to your home.

66) Encaustic Tiles
Encaustic Tiles

Encaustic tiles will instantly create a very high end period look on your floor. These spectacular tiles look absolutely perfect in an entrance hall, and will definitely be the talking point of any visitors you have in your home. Although these are often available in many beautiful colours, for a real statement piece you could opt for monochrome varieties. These patterned wall and floor tiles certainly create a decorative feature which will transform standard modern or traditional layouts. Encaustic tiles can work superbly with wood finish units and tables and also soft fabric or leather furnishings. This look is already a firm favourite in clothing and home interior shops and is now extremely popular for home designs.

67) Mix Up The Finish
Mix Up The Finish Tiles

Don’t feel you have to stay committed to one finish. If you cannot decide whether you want a polished or a matt finished floor, mix it up. Not only can you be creative, it will also give your flooring texture and dimension which will definitely catch the eye of your visitors. Using one line of polished tiles and contrasting that with matt tiles in the next row and continuing this theme throughout your room will certainly provide a unique feature. This style can be accentuated by effective lighting. You can use the same colour just with a different finish and that will offer a trendy appearance. You can use this mixture of finishes as part of modern interior layouts. Not only does this design wok as flooring but is also a good option for wall designs.

68) Arabesque Tiles
Arabesque Tiles

Arabesque tiles have become really popular over the past year, and the obsession with them is set to continue. They are smaller, almost mosaic tiles that look like small lanterns, and work really well in bathrooms and shower floors and walls. This pattern is ideal for a splashback wall including modern kitchens above a worktop. This decorative pattern can be incorporated to excellent effect within a decor which has a minimalist feel. An Arabesque tile pattern certainly produces an interesting style which can bring a specific part of an interior to life. This classic pattern can work superbly within traditional layouts. There are many different tile colours available to choose from so there is a great chance you will discover the perfect variety to fit within your chosen design.

69) Scandinavian Diamonds
Scandinavian Diamonds Tiles

Scandinavian diamond patterns work well on both walls and floors. It is easy to lay, and consists of diamond shaped tiles being laid at angles to one another. This theme works particularly well in a plain and neutral colour, as it means that your eye is automatically drawn to the pattern as opposed to the colour. The intricacy of this design undoubtedly captures the imagination and will certainly impress your guests. Scandinavian Diamond Tiles are ideal for really bringing an interior to life and you can match them with plain tiles for a stunning contrast of styles. It is no surprise that this design formation which has proven so popular for restaurants and shops is now being chosen for home designs, particularly in bathrooms and kitchens.

70) Mandala Prints
Mandala Prints Tiles

Printed Mandala tiles are right on trend at the moment, and can be used to create a rug, or a statement floor piece. Create your very own piece of art with these tiles. These tiles are also perfect for a decorative covering on walls because they produce a standout feature. This versatile option can be used in the transformation of shower areas and modern bathrooms. Mandala wallpaper is chosen for large feature wall designs in living rooms which can really wow your guests. There are now, however, many Mandala Print tiles to choose from which means you can add a decorative look in a kitchen and also have a durable covering. This pattern will amaze your guests as it really brings interiors to life.

71) Feature Fireplace
Feature Fireplace Tiles

If you have a traditional fireplace in your home, make a feature out of this. Even if you do not want to cover your whole floor with the chosen tiles, be bold with the area around your fireplace. Think about traditional patterns, or go bold with bright accent colours. Using textured tiles of various sizes like wall cladding can add genuine character to fireplace surrounds. A stunning feature like this can span the width of the entire wall or just be centred around the fireplace itself. This feature can produce a stunning focal point which can contrast superbly with the general design theme of the room. You can find materials which complement both traditional and contemporary fireplaces depending on your chosen layout.

72) Nordic Influence
Nordic Influence Tiles

Nordic influences are proving to be a big hit around the home, and you can easily reflect this with your flooring and wall designs. Include white and berry red block prints, as well as blue and white prints. Alternatively you can choose light neutral colours and tiles with nordic patterns for added character. Nordic tiles work superbly with natural stone and wooden features in living rooms. They can be arranged as part of a decorative feature including splashback walls and fireplace surrounds. You can even incorporate Nordic patterns within a border as they comprise of lots of decorative shapes and formations. This style has been used in shops, bars and restaurants and now it's time for homes to be transformed by a Nordic influence.

73) Oriental Tiles
Oriental Flooring Tiles

Create a unique look in your home by incorporating some colourful oriental themed wall and floor tiles. It will create a calming environment that people would love to relax in. Although it is probably not the best idea to go over the top with these tiles in small rooms as they could make them appear cluttered and cramped, a simple Oriental Tile feature is a welcome addition to any home interior layout. The use of different colours in a traditional oriental pattern provides walls and floors with immense character and charm. These tiles fit perfectly within modern interiors and complement plain white or cream tiles particularly well. These tiles can also be used to great effect as part of a fireplace surround in living rooms.

74) White Brick
White Brick Tiles

White Brick Tiles are a stunning choice for home interiors, working superbly with popular wooden or chrome fittings. You will wow your guests by choosing white brick tiles for a kitchen splashback above a worktop. This timeless colour and classic brick style also works superbly in living rooms as part of a feature wall or fireplace surround. Brick tiles are arranged in what is known as a running bond formation - which is essentially a brick style. Contrasting white brick tiles with a dark coloured grout like black or charcoal can really accentuate this pattern. High gloss tiles like metro brick will not only emphasise the white colour but also allow for easy cleaning and maintenance. White brick is a great home feature that will impress your guests and neighbours.

75) Cocina
Cocina Tiles

Mediterranean Cocina tiles look absolutely beautiful in a rustic room, with mismatched furniture, and work well in kitchens, conservatories and entrance hallways. These colourful tiles definitely create a feature floor, and one that you will never get sick of looking at. These Mediterranean style tiles can be displayed vertically for a contemporary appearance on walls. They have a brick effect appearance which can be arranged within a decorative formation on walls as part of a standout feature or splashback. Arranging these tiles either vertically or within a running bond pattern is entirely up to you. A multicoloured pattern will contrast superbly with plain white tiles. These tiles have been selected for shops, cafes and restaurants and it is no surprise they are becoming increasingly popular for home decors.

76) Belleza Tiles
Belleza Tiles

Belleza tiles are often referred to as lantern shape tiles thanks to the Provençale shape. They create a really striking look on any floors, and work equally as well in a bathroom, kitchen and hallway. They are available in lots of colours, allowing you to be as creative as you like with them. This is a great look in a porch or hallway as it offers a really decorative appearance which catches the eye as soon as you enter a property. Not only are these tiles used exclusively on floors but can also be incorporated within a wall design as part of a trendy feature. This pattern is also great for conservatory interiors as it provides a traditional character and charm. This pattern on a wall or floor certainly complements period features and natural stone or wood fittings.

77) Terracotta With Dots
Terracotta With Dots Tiles

To create a Spanish or Mediterranean feel in your kitchen, lay your terracotta tiles in a diagonal pattern, with smaller patterned square tiles in between them. Blue and white patterned tiles go really well with the terracotta and will only add to the Mediterranean theme. Terracotta Tiles are great for conservatories and exterior patios and combine superbly with wooden furniture. They are also perfect for porches and hallways. You can even use Terracotta tiles with dots within a farmhouse style kitchen as they combine extremely well with natural wood and stone materials. These red coloured tiles are also recommended for steps and staircases in either an indoor or exterior area.

78) Wooden Tiles
Wooden Tiles

Wooden tiles offer a classic design which is often seen throughout the entire house. Wooden tiles are available in a range of different finishes, not to mention materials. Solid wooden floors can be quite pricey, but cheaper wood effect floor tiles not only look just as good they are often more practical than solid wood when used in wet areas like the bathroom. By incorporating wood effect porcelain tiles within your home decor you can introduce a timeless style to both walls and floors. These wooden plank like tiles can be arranged in a running bond formation for maximum style. This is such a popular trend at the moment and looks likely to become even more sought after in the coming years.

79) Marble Tiles
Marble Tiles

Marble tiles will definitely make a statement in your home, that will evoke envy in any person who visits. Natural marble is incredibly luxurious and has a hefty price tag to match though. Do not worry if you like the look, but do not have the budget to match, as many tile suppliers offer marble effect tiles, which are not only cheaper, but also easier to maintain than natural stone.

80) Travertine Tiles
Travertine Tiles

Travertine tiles are a classic, but is definitely a timeless design that will simply not go out of fashion. They are an understated floor tile, but one that will definitely stand out as being luxurious. Although they can work throughout your home, they are very popular in kitchens, as they add a depth and warmth to it. Not only that, but they look great in both contemporary and classically designed rooms.

81) Laminate Flooring
Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring continues to improve in both appearance, and performance, and more and more people are choosing this for their flooring. Not only is it budget friendly, it is available in a wide range of colours and styles, allowing you to achieve a high end looking floor at a much smaller price. Wood style Laminate Flooring will amaze your guests if you use it in your home. Laminate Flooring is great for hallways and conservatories and can also be used in kitchens and bathrooms. This durable covering has been used for many years throughout large buildings like shopping centres and airports and is now seen as an excellent option for high traffic areas of the home. This premium quality flooring is also extremely easy to clean and maintain making it ideal for modern interiors.

82) Bamboo Tiles
	Bamboo Tiles

Many people are trying to look for the most responsible and sustainable materials for their homes, and as a result, natural and recycled materials such as bamboo are becoming a popular choice for home layouts. It is easy to maintain, and water resistant, making it great for all areas of the home, and will be a great conversation starter amongst guests. Bamboo tiles look great as part of open plan designs and really bring interiors to life with a fresh and invigorating appearance. These tiles can be complemented with light neutral colours and really help to accentuate space in any room. This unique material will create an original appearance which can transform interiors beyond recognition.

83) Cork Tiles
Cork Tiles

Cork flooring is another great way of showing your support for the planet, whilst creating a really great, original piece of flooring. It is really great value for money, not to mention it looks really stylish. It can be used all around the home, although it does look really special in kitchens, and is perfect for winter, as it is very warm underfoot. This type of flooring is becoming more and more sought after for home designs. Cork Tiles are well suited to living rooms and various colours can be used in order to form a stylish pattern. Cork tiles certainly offer something out of the ordinary and will be a talking point among your guests. These tiles can be used as part of rustic, traditional or contemporary layouts.

84) Quartz Tiles
Quartz Tiles

Quartz tiles do not just belong on countertops. They make a beautiful flooring option as well. Not only are they incredibly versatile, they are available in a number of different colour options as well, which means that you can tie them into existing themes that you might have in your kitchen. The high shine finish and mirrored particles will reflect the light in your room, making it seem bigger and more inviting.

85) Textured Concrete
Textured Concrete Tiles

Don’t be fooled into thinking that concrete only belongs in the garden. One of the biggest trends of the moment is bringing outside elements into your home, and using textured concrete floor tiles is the perfect way of doing so. The grey colour of concrete is bang on trend and the texture will give your room depth. This is definitely a trend not to be missed. Textured Concrete Porcelain Tiles will add genuine character to home interiors with the neutral colour working particularly well with wood fittings. Large concrete style flooring is a superb option for home decors and has proven a big hit for kitchen layouts. If you choosen Concrete Tiles for your next home interior project then I'm sure your friends and family will be asking you where you acquired them from.

86) Porcelain Tiles
Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles should not be overlooked as a cheaper alternative. They are a fantastic material, and perfect if you are on a budget, but they have so many more qualities that make them ideal throughout the home. They are strong, anti-slip, can be used around the whole home, and are available in a number of different colours and effects, so you can achieve the look that you are going for.

87) Glass Tiles
Glass Tiles

It is the little details that count, and there is something incredibly elegant about glass tiles on a wall. Glass Tiles are available in all different shapes, but combining rectangular, and large and small mosaic tiles, with hints of colour every so often really makes a striking and attractive appearance. Glass Mosaics look great in a bathroom as part of a splashback and have a really eye catching style which will wow your guests. Light bounces off the surface of these glass mosaics to create a unique look which is completely different to other materials and finishes. The versatility of glass tiles means they are also a great border tile option if you are looking for a decorative feature to complement standard wall tiles.

88) Reclaimed Wood
Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Reclaimed wood is being used more and more as a flooring option, creating a really beautiful design that will turn heads. Reclaimed wood has been finished in a factory, and this has many different benefits and will be able to stand moisture fluctuations better than any traditional wood flooring that has been finished on site. You can create a magnificent feature wall in your living room with Reclaimed Wood and this will certainly impress the people who come to visit your home. Reclaimed Wood will add incredible character to interior layouts and is perfect for producing a rustic charm and style. Wood style walls and floors are particularly relevant in the interior design world at the moment and Reclaimed Wood is a quirky variation.

89) Vinyl Floor Tiles
	Vinyl Floor Tiles

Luxury vinyl tiles should not be disregarded and have drastically improved in recent years. Although previously, the tell-tale peel and stick flooring was a sign of a very limited budget, many people are now choosing to lay luxury vinyl tiles over other material options. It looks great, and is very realistic looking, as well as standing up well to moisture, making it a favourite in kitchens and bathrooms. Easy to lay, affordable Viny Floor Tiles are great if you want a stylish and practical covering in your home. Different vinyl styles and patterns are continually being introduced so you are sure to find a variety which complements your overall design theme. These tiles look excellent in many parts of the home including porches, living rooms, hallways and conservatories.

90) Ceramic Tiles
	Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic is one of the most popular choices when it comes to wall and floor coverings. Not only is it cost effective, but it is strong and durable, and is available in a number of different designs, allowing you to have the look of a more luxurious and expensive material for less. You could use patterned ceramic tiles as part of a stylish feature. Alternatively, plain tiles like cream and grey can provide a neutral backdrop and you can build your own design theme with ease around this. From standard rectangular and square tiles to ceramics with a brick or hexagonal shape there are plenty of formats to select from. Ceramic Tiles are also favoured among DIY enthusiasts as they are lightweight and easy to apply to walls and floors with standard tiling methods.

91) Granite Tiles
Granite Floor Tiles

For a distinctive look on a wall or floor there are few materials which compare to natural stone Granite. Its formation through the cooling of molten lava creates a unique appearance and also makes it incredibly strong and durable. Popular black granite is often used throughout high traffic areas of flooring. As a wall covering, granite is ideal for large style feature walls, particularly when rectangular tiles are displayed in a horizontal brick pattern. Large square granite tiles are great for floors in bathrooms. Granite tiles which comprise of multiple colours are ideal if you are looking to create a design that will really wow your guests. Granite is not only an excellent kitchen tile but is also superb for conservatories and even porches.

92) Rustic Brick
Rustic Brick Tiles

Using rustic brick floor tiles, particularly within your kitchen will create a rustic farmhouse feel. They look great and your eye will instantly be drawn to them, making them a great talking feature. The burnt orange, terracotta colour of the brick will look amazing with white, or wooden accessories to really bring this design to life. Rustic Brick is not used exclusively on floors as it can also be incorporated within a stylish wall design. Red brick tiles are a fantastic option for walls in living rooms including as part of a fireplace feature. They also add character to conservatories and porches. Your guests will certainly be impressed with such an authentic brickwork appearance. Although they might have a traditional feel, rustic brick can also look great within a minimalist, contemporary layout.

93) Mix And Match Wooden Tiles
Mix And Match Wooden Tiles

If you like the look of wooden tiles in your home, but want something slightly different, why not mix up the colour of the wood? This design works best if you ensure that all of the wood panels and tiles are the same size and length, but the colour of them differs. It will create a really striking and eye-catching look that can be used throughout the whole home.

94) Chipboard Tiles
Chipboard Tiles

Chipboard has long been a popular material for budget furniture, but rarely is it left exposed. A new trend is seeing chipboard tiles being used as a popular flooring material. However you feel about this trend, one thing is definitely for certain and that is that it will be a talking point with your friends. Not only can you choose plain light brown chipboard tiles but they are also available in different colours and patterns imprinted on the chipboard itself. These tiles are great for stripped back, minimalistic decors which rely heavily on uncomplicated interior layouts. Chipboard tiles can also be used as a wall feature, creating an interesting focal point in any room. This fashion trend has a good chance of really taking off so by choosing Chipboard Tiles now you could be ahead of the game.

95) Hand Scraped Wooden Floors
Hand Scraped Wooden Floors

If you are looking for a rustic flooring that will definitely become a talking point for anyone who enters your house, consider laying hand scraped wooden floor panels. These one of a kind panels are left looking classic and rare, and will definitely put a higher price tag on your home décor! Hand Scraped Wooden floors look perfect when complemented by period features including a large feature fireplace and high skirting boards. They are more prevalent in older properties and provide a unique character and charm which can transform a particular room. Hand Scraped Wooden Floors are used throughout homes including living rooms, dining areas, hallways, kitchens and conservatories. Hand Scraped Wooden Panels are also well suited to open plan designs.

96) Wire Brushed Wooden Floors
Wire Brushed Wooden Floors

Wire brushing your wooden floor panels will give them a distinctive and aged, distressed look. This is a great choice if you have children or pets, as it will hide a number of different scratches and knocks. These beautiful floor tiles really will look brilliant throughout your entire home. A wire brushed finish creates a rustic look and charm within any property. This flooring is a great option for transitional rooms within the home which have direct access to exterior areas like conservatories and porches. For a unique style you can complement this flooring in living rooms with leather furniture and natural stone features. The timeless appeal of wood really helps to accentuate space and also looks great throughout open plan areas.

97) Satin Finished Wooden Floors

Satin Finished Wooden Floors

Satin finishes are the perfect compromise between glossy and matt, and create a beautiful finish around the home. Satin floors keep up with the ever-changing trends, making them a really great choice for the long term. Not to mention the fact that they look fantastic. If you are considering a satin finished floor, opt for a darker coloured wood to really finish the look off. Light reacts with a satin finish to create a unique shimmer which really catches the eye in a spectacular way. Satin finished wooden flooring matches well with neutral cream walls in modern living room interiors. The satin finish is accentuated in older style properties with large bay windows and also work superbly throughout open plan decors.

98) Matt Finished Wooden Floors
Matte Finished Wooden Floors

Don’t underestimate a wooden floor. People might once have considered them boring, but they have been stepping in to the spotlight more and more in recent years. There is something very striking and attractive about a matt finished wooden floor, and one that your neighbours will definitely be envious of. A matt finish offers an understated appeal and works incredibly well with neutral colours like brown and grey. You can acquire premium varieties of wood matt porcelain and these will not only create a stylish look but also a durable and low maintenance covering. Furthermore, matt porcelain provides a high level of slip resistance which is why it is regularly used in shopping centres and airports.

99) Burnt Orange Wood Flooring
Burnt Orange Wood Flooring

This unique floor design will ensure that your home interior remains fresh and vibrant all year round. This theme works brilliantly in a kitchen, and can be combined with other wood accessories, such as counters and cupboards to really make this design come to life. A burnt wood orange style creates a distinctive appearance and will no doubt get your guests talking. This deep colour helps to emphasise the classic knotted and veined pattern of natural wood and therefore creates a truly stunning look and incredible character. Burnt Orange plank flooring which is laid in a running bond formation can transform interior areas beyond recognition and is a great option for open plan designs in modern homes.

100) Grey Wood Flooring
Grey Wood Flooring title=

Wooden floors are definitely very popular; likewise is the colour grey. Combine the two and create a beautiful cool grey painted wooden floor. If you have an existing wooden floor, you can easily update this, by getting some wood paint, and painting your floor. It will keep the classic look of wood, but bring it up to date. For the quickest and easiest way of acquiring grey wood flooring simply acquire Grey Wood Effect Tiles. Wood Porcelain and Ceramic varieties look like the real thing but they are also low maintenance, cost effective and easy to clean. Grey wood flooring really helps to open out the space throughout your home and will leave your guests amazed at the incredible appearance.

101) Metallic Wood
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Wooden floors with a metallic sheen are right on trend at the moment and will definitely make your home stand out. It adds a great twist to an otherwise very traditional flooring design, but will not take away from the beauty of natural wood. The great thing is that this theme looks great around the whole home. Metallic wood finished tiles will look great as part of minimalist contemporary interiors. They combine superbly with other popular modern features including white and chrome fittings. Effective lighting will also help to emphasise a metallic wood finish and really accentuates that classic shimmer and glow. You can use Metallic wood as part of a wall or floor feature and it will completely transform your home interior layout.